Drawn Returns


After seven years dark, Drawn is back.

This is not the same Drawn. It is something new. But it was made in the same spirit and with the same goal: to engage with an art form I love, and to plant a flag in the Internet to say, "this is my little plot of land; let me share it with you."

Every day, as best as I am able, I will share an animated short from around the web—old shorts, new shorts, and many personal favourites, all from public domain or freely available sources. No ads, no Like buttons, no noise.

I found Drawn shortly after its creator and steward John Martz moved it to Tumblr in 2010. For the next few years it became a lovely place to find interesting artists, great advice, and seemed to surface things that led me down lovely paths. I was sad when it seemed to suddenly shut down in 2013, and I’m very glad it’s back.